Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stardoll Cheats to Become a Superstar

Stardoll Money Cheats

There's lots of popular online games right now. Online gaming has grown in attraction to the birth of social networks. It has captured a wider audience and has enticed many non-gamers to get involved. You will find all types of games for different type of gamers. One of the online games that have gained popularity recently is Stardoll. Fashion and clothing are two of the main focus of the game. The game involves developing a person online by choosing the hair color, the color of eyes, style, and even the skin tone. These are just some of the things that you get to do with the game. You can also build your home, play games, and buy new clothing. Like most online games there are parts where you will need extra funds for it. When they are short in funds most people who play this game search for Stardoll cheats.

Here are some of the perks of joining the Stardoll club on the Stardoll website there are different groups. There are items which are exclusive to a particular group and these items are free. This is why it is encouraged that you join Stardoll groups. There are Stardoll cheats for those exclusive items but it would be best by trying joining the clubs first. Every club has different items for those who join their group and are even other groups that give away free items once you have invited someone on their group.

Stardoll Money Cheats

Here are some Stardoll straightforward on line cheats that you might want to check out. One of the common Stardoll cheats is with the use of URL simple.com to get different types of free items. You could win an exclusive item by looking into making slight changes on the website. You are able to get free items for Stardoll for the URL simple.com works as its own cheat code and here are the steps on how you will be able to achieve this easy Stardoll cheats. Clear your browser and go to www.simple.co.uk/?u= into your browser. At the end of www.simple.co.uk/?u= add your account number because this will help you gain an exclusive green party dress.

It is rather easy to do and only requires two simple steps for you. Here are some cheats if you are tech savvy. Another challenge that you can overcome so that you can get access to Stardoll's exclusive and free items is by changing your port. Changing your port is possible but is not easy to do, especially as a choice for Stardoll cheats. Once you change your port or ISP address then you get the chance to enjoy exclusive items, with your exclusive items, you definitely get these Stardoll cheats by changing your port or ISP address. If you want to get a free Barbie T-shirt you can use a proxy. There are plenty of free items that you can get as well just by watching the trailers in the cinema. There are many different goodies that are hidden inside and the most convenient way to get them is by watching the trailers. To be able to have more exclusive items then try to research other Stardoll cheats online.

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